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  Developer team:

Jarka Arnold, University of Teacher Education Bern

Dr. Aegidius Plüss, University of Bern


  About the authors

Jarka Arnold
Jarka Arnold has longstanding experience as a lecturer of computer science at the Bern University of Teacher Education. Web-based learning environments for programming courses were developed under her guidance in the context of several research projects, which are successfully being used at many education institutions (http://www.tigerjython.ch and http://www.jython.ch).

Aegidius Plüss

Aegidius Plüss (http://www.aplu.ch) is a former professor for computer science and its didactics at the University of Bern. He wrote the course book "Java exemplarisch" and was involved in several courses in further education for computer science teachers. He develops extensive libraries and programming environments for computer science classes.